Ferrule Crimping Tool Set

The innovative Ferrule crimping pliers with large selection of ferrule terminals will save you time, money and muscles to easily fix, repair or construct various electrical wires components.

  • The self-adjusting ratchet automatically adjusts itself to the appropriate wire diameters when striping the terminals
  • Improves accuracy and reliability during crimping to help you avoid wasting terminals
  • Ergonomic handle for easy operation with almost 0 effort
  • Particularly useful for switches and batteries, all types of electric components and IT equipment
"Really versatile parts"
"The crimping tool is very handy and useful, but I really like that it features so many terminals and ferules too. All in 1 box, it really saves me time when looking for the small parts in the toolbox "
"Works on all types of wires "
"What makes the crimping tool different for the rest of these type of tools is its ability to be used on all wire types, with the ratchet adjusting to wire diameter, makes stripping and attachment of ferrules quite simple and easy. "
"Great for networking systems"
"Replaces various tools with the adjustable size pliers. The large number of terminals the set contains makes it irreplaceable for networks and building similar connections. The crimping is super easy with its strong and precise stripping and cutting."
"Amazing gripping power"
"The handle is very comfy but strong and I was surprised by the great gripping power of the crimping pliers. With the big supply of insulated ferrules, this set is now always in my toolbox for electrical works on networks, heating and cooling systems, alarm installation and practically any job with wires and terminals . "